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Mark 9:30-37 The pursuit of humility
Mountain Rest Baptist | Dr. Kevin Phillips
06-23-19 Paul a Divine Coach to Philemon
Pastor Ken Harger | Pastor Ken Harger
Life Giver
First Presbyterian Church | Colorado Springs | Tim McConnell
6-19-19 Lost of fellowship
Line Creek Baptist Church | Dr. David Hammonds
Saved To Be Righteous
From the Heart Ministries of Cincinnati | Pastor Clarissa Cook
The Trumpets and The Prayers
Peoples Church of Montreal | Ken Godon
The Lion and The Lamb
Second Reformed Church | Pastor Scott Stephan
Unity & Evangelism by Love - How Will We Achieve It?
First Presbyterian of Ukiah | Jesse Burnett II, Guest
The Risk of Complacency
The Lees Chapel | James Tydeman
Don't Judge a Book by its Cover
Collinsville First Baptist Church | Wade Ricks
Grace Fellowship Church of Overland Park | Dr. Colby E. Kinser
LifePoint Church | Jym Gregory
Spirit of Love
Eastridge Church | Clackamas | Chris Green
Overcoming Obstacles
Asbury United Methodist Church | Shepherdstown | Dr. Rudy Bropleh
St George's | Martin Ball
Godly Men
FBC Lakewood | Pastor Wayne North
1 John 2:28-3:10
First Baptist Church Loeb | Travis Hood