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Gentle - Founded on Joy
First Presbyterian Church | Colorado Springs | John Goodale
The Hay is NOT in the Barn!
First Baptist Church of Augusta Kansas | Rick Neubauer
God with Us: an Immanent God
Highland Community Church | Jeff Hinds
The Good Master
From the Heart Ministries of Cincinnati | Pastor Clarissa Cook
No More Death
Mountain View Baptist Church | Bill Knepper
Grand Hallelujah
Pleasantview Baptist Church | Jimmy McNeil
Answering "Free Will" Scriptures
First Baptist Church St. John | Jeremiah Greever
B - The Church of Laodicea
Countryside Chapel | Don Stubbs
Repent from Sexual Immorality, idolatry and occult practices!
Grace Chapel (Chinese Christian Fellowship) | Walter Brian Rochester
Don't Be Afraid
Crossover Bible Church | Philip Abode
Sacred City Church | Samuel Schmidt
Protecting Our Gospel Compulsion
Sacred City Church | Rob Spykstra
KCCO: But Not Passively!
Harvest Bible Chapel KC | Jeff Terrell
Eternal Life
Westside Baptist Church | Keith Russell
The Case for Christ
Big Creek Baptist Church | Timothy Hickman
Excel at Love
Langley Baptist Church | Rev. David M. Pace
Discerning Truth and Error
Highlands Church | Bob Wade
Community on Mission: Equipped to Love
Bridgeway Christian Church | Brian Kiley
The Antichrist
First Christian Reformed Church || Lynden | Robert Woodyard